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About me

The simplicity and functionality of our everyday life objects have always fascinated me. Who came up with these clever solutions to our everyday "problems"? I always liked to disassemble things around the house. My mother would not let me take them completely apart, but as soon as something was not working anymore, she would let me try to "fix it". My dad told me to count the pieces and keep an eye on the screws. "Make sure you put them all back in place," he said. I was probably ten or eleven years old.

Then I found out that industrial designers do just that, they come up with solutions by creating an object. I graduated as an industrial designer from UNAM in Mexico City. My first serious job was designing glass bottles. I fell in love with the material. I learned about aesthetics and a bit of engineering.

I remember going to the mall to see what was new in the glass packaging market. I loved walking through the perfume section in any store. I would stop, grab a perfume bottle, and imagine what was the designer's intention. How did they come up with that shape? Then somebody would spray me with perfume and that was my cue to get going.

I always thought that design and my passion for photography were two separate things. However, I learned that they complement each other. I think that it is because of my designer background that I enjoy product photography so much.

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